How to: Christmas decorations

How to: Christmas decorations

Wow! Another year has nearly finished, can you believe it? And once again Christmas is upon us. That means presents, turkey and the obligatory Baileys to buy, to name but a few.  It also means that it’s time to get the ladder out and get in the loft to bring down the decorations.

Some love it, some hate it. However, there are ways which can ensure that your home stands out for all of the right reasons this Christmas, so take a look at our tips!

Less is more on the exterior

We believe it’s each to their own when it comes to Christmas decorations, but if you wish to go overboard, ensure it stays on the inside.

Having billions of lights is rather cliched and old fashioned, in addition to that we have hears some horror stories when it comes to electricity bills. With some reporting over £10 per day, just to run the lights!

Now we’re not trying to be a complete scrooge here, but a wide array of multi-coloured lights just isn’t our thing, and we certainly don’t think it’s a good idea if your property is on the market. Instead, a few white lights above your front door or along your roof and a wreath is a perfect way to dress your home festively and make guests feel welcome this Christmas.

Keep it simple

If you want to stay on trend this Christmas, look no further than monochrome and natural decorations.

The contrasts of black and white should be what you’re looking out for if you’re still on the hunt for festive decorations, and if you want to really up the style ante, a white tree with black accessories would look particularly desirable. Think clean, clear and modern and you’ll be on the right track.

Natural elements have also been prominent ahead of this year’s festivities, with a focus on bringing the great outdoors into the home. This theme can be incorporated into your home via wooden or bark decorations, which look especially stunning when placed on the Christmas tree.

Think ‘size and proportions’

For most households, the Christmas tree will be at the heart of the celebrations; a place where the presents are placed and something which is decorated to the max. It’s crucial when purchasing a tree, though, that you ensure it doesn’t overpower the rest of the room. We all want to have a tree that looks as stunning as the one seen at Claridges last year, but it’s important to know your property’s boundaries.

If you’re living in a more humble abode and are strapped for space, then there are ways to incorporate a tree into your room without it being the only thing you see.

Whether you put a skinnier tree in a narrow corner, or put pint-sized trees in your children’s bedrooms, or even house the tree in your porch, there’s one out there for every home, whatever your space constraints.

This Christmas you want your home to evoke the true spirit of Christmas and be warm, welcoming and bright, and this can be achieved through thoughtful festive decorations. We’ve given you a run-down of the latest tricks and trends to ensure that your home looks top dollar this Christmas, so now it’s time for you to put it into practice!


If you’re already in your perfect home we hope these tips will guide you in the right direction, but if not. Get in touch and one of the Belhus team would be happy to help.