Interior Design For Summer

Interior Design For Summer

5 Great Colour Ideas To Give Your Home That ‘Summer’ Feeling

When the sun puts his hat on and the leaves on the trees turn a vibrant green, it means it’s summer time again! If you’ve recently returned home on a bright and sunny day, looked around and thought to yourself “it’s a bit dull in here!”, it is probably time to think about mixing things up and making some changes.

Here, we have look at 5 great colours to give your home a fresh, bright and breezy feel. Repainting walls is obviously a great start, but it doesn’t have to be that much effort. By changing soft furnishings to one of the summer colours below, you can give any room the necessary helping hand to feel bright, warm and welcoming.


So, let’s have a look at these colours….

1 – Sky Blue

Look up into an azure blue sky on a sunny day and it has an instant calming effect. Use this colour liberally across any room’s furniture, curtains and cushions and it will provide a welcome summer serenity that will help you shed the stresses and strains of a busy working life from the moment you get home.

2 – Vibrant Orange

If you’re looking for the energy and vibrancy that summer brings, then you should use a bright, exotic orange to instantly energise any room. It might seem like a slightly ostentatious colour, as most people err on the side of caution by choosing more pastels, but the difference this colour can make needs to be seen first hand to be fully appreciated.

If you’re still not sure, why not try a wall sticker/decal in smaller room to really get a small taste of what Orange can bring to your home.

3 – Yellow

As the colour of the sun itself, there is no better way to bring summer into your home than to choose a bright and dynamic yellow hue. Again, it might seem like a bold move, especially if you were to paint the walls of a room yellow, but if you dot about some soft grey or white furnishings and artwork to break up the colour and it will complement it beautifully.

4 – Grey

Another wonderfully calming colour, a soft grey is both versatile and elegant. Perfect for bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms alike, grey combines well with so many other colours at same time as cooling the room during warm, balmy days.

5 – Brilliant White

This pure white gives any room a light and crisp feel, as it reflects sunlight all around the room without raising the temperature. Combine this most pure of all colour schemes with any other colour and you are left with a room that simply oozes summer breeze!

Changing your colour scheme, whether it be through wholesale painting and decorating or adorning rooms with summery soft furnishing, can totally transform how your home feels.

Why leave summer outside? Welcome it in today and enjoy that summer feeling every minute of the day!